Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Thought I Had Today, Part I

Today I imagined hanging one of those sonogram baby/fetus photos in my cubicle at work... of Edie's unborn puppies. She's not pregnant, but if she was...

Last Sunday, I had lunch with my mom, Holland, and A. Discussing my plans for my next living arrangements (lease is up in September), I began a dissertation on how fine the line is between swinging single (ok I didn't actually use that terminology) and sad, creepy spinster. Some of my favorite activities are dancing a dangerous dance—like how often I make pinto beans. I stand atop a pinnacle crossroads and the winds of acquiescence blow strong. One more esoteric interest, one more secretive redbox rental, raising the roof EVEN ONCE MORE... and I will topple over.


  1. I'm still sick. but much better today. I don't know what compelled me to check here, but I'm glad I did. Keep posting!
    I miss you. and I miss us in burlington. come visit again soon!

  2. Better sad creepy spinster than miserable angry married. But I'm not bitter or anything. . .


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